The establishment of a national trauma minimum dataset has taken several years to develop. Significant work was undertaken between 2003 and 2006 by the National Trauma Registry Consortium (NTRC), under the chair of Cliff Pollard, which attracted sponsorship across three states as well as from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). In particular, the work of the NTRC included the formation of the National Minimum Dataset Working Party (NMDWP) in 2005. The working party conducted thorough investigations both locally and abroad, looking at international datasets as well as receiving input from clinical, quality and data focussed professionals across Australasia, to produce a draft Bi-National Minimum Dataset (BMDS) in 2006. Following the cessation of NTRC funding in 2006, oversight of the dataset passed to the RACS Trauma Quality Improvement Sub-Committee, which recommenced discussions around the BMDS in early 2009. Following the attraction of funding, the Australian Trauma Quality Improvement Program (AusTQIP) was launched in November 2010. As a part of this, and based on the work of the NMDWP, the first version of the BMDS Data Dictionary was drafted and presented by Cameron Palmer. The BMDS has now been adopted and recommended by the AusTQIP and the Australian Trauma Registry (ATR) as the minimum standard for the collection of trauma data for national reporting to be aligned with national trauma quality improvement strategies. As such, it has now been renamed the Bi-National Trauma Minimum Dataset (BNTMDS) for Australia and New Zealand. A BNTMDS Working Group was re-established in 2018. 

Scope of Work

Please see attached document outlining the Scope of Work.

Process of Review

Process for feedback and requests for change to the BNTMDS and data dictionary: 

Please download this slideshow - presented at the ATR BNTMDS Workshop Trauma 2018, Perth

Please download this slideshow - presented at the ATR BNTMDS Workshop Trauma 2018, Perth

Feedback and/or Request for Change Form

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