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Welcome to the wonderful world of Heritage Railways and Tramways in the State of Victoria, Australia.


We do hope that you will take your time and browse through our site and come and visit some our most cherished working museums. While we have many static museums in Australia, most of the Heritage Railways and Tramways which you can link to through this site are living and operating museums, bringing back to life, days gone by.


Victoria is very fortunate in having such a great diversity of Transport Heritage that has been saved from the late 19th and the 20th centuries. Our historic transport museums including both static and operating museums are found in all corners of the State of Victoria but all have easy access from Melbourne, the Capital City of the State of Victoria, Australia.


As you browse through our web page you will find links to many of our tourist railways, tramways and other sites. All of Victoria's tourist railways, tramways and rail museums are in areas of great tourist and historical interest and reflect the gold, industrial and pastoral heritage of previous centuries.


The presence of such living museums allows us to understand our present times and see how our community has developed and changed over the years and how the past has influenced the present.


We cannot understand our present without a knowledge of the past!







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